Divine Family Session at Buffalo Trace, Frankfort Kentucky
Thursday, July 06, 2017
By Hedges Photography
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I just can't get enough of this beautiful little family. I have been photographing them since their oldest "Reese" was a newborn. She is such a beautiful little lady now! Reese, you are stunning, and I must say, you know how to move in front of my camera quite well now! Their youngest one, "Katie" was welcomed into the family with MUCH love, just two years ago. So, this is our 4th session with Kate already! I think she likes me a lot. ;) It has been such a pleasure watching her grow into this cute ball-of-energy-toddler! I usually choose to travel to their beautiful home in Versailles, Kentucky to do the photoshoot, but Buffalo Trace Distillery has always been one of my favorite spots in Frankfort, Kentucky for baby and family photography.

I don’t care if your kids are 2, 12, 30, or full grown... taking the time to have family pictures is SOOOO important, and I believe the Divine's truly understand that. I remember when I was younger, I saw just a few photos of my mother as a kid. When I say a few, I mean, I think my mom has 20 photos total of herself as a baby as well as a child. My grandparents, Jack and Evelyn Hedges, have ONE photo taken from their wedding day... ONE! The photo was of only my grandmother. Can you imagine? Ever since, I have made it my mission to photograph love of all ages, and all journeys of life around me. 

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